Saturday, September 10, 2016

Finca Morena

Really exceptional finca situated on the ancient camino up to Montanchez. The finca is has 4 hectares of wonderfully varied terrain including a small gorge with a stream that runs for 8 months of the year. There are olive groves, cork oak and holm oak, pasture.
The views are spectacular. A very private finca with plenty of flat ground for building as well as plenty of rock formations and the whole backdrop of the Sierra de Montanchez.
Access exists from 3 gates but needs to be improved.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


A very large and secluded finca with spectacular views across olive groves to the protected nature reserve of Cornalvo. Because the land is 8 hectares it makes the application for a building license more accessible, a wooden prefabricated house is also a possibility.
 The land features some huge granite boulders with the remains of a bronze age hill fort on the higher part.  The finca is on the slopes of the Sierra de Montanchez, it is quite steep in places with natural woodland of cork and holm oak. On the lower part of the finca there are 2 or 3 perfect building areas with great views and the stunning backdrop of the mountain behind.
The access is excellent, 500m of good camino from a tarmac road.
There is a bore hole with an enormous quantity of water and also a natural spring which is active all year. The finca is not remote, only 10 minutes drive to Montanchez. This is a finca for nature lovers, the bird life is wonderful, there are eagle owls nesting in the crags and nightingales singing in the woods. Directly from the finca there is one of the original ancient paths leading up to Montanchez castle, a wonderful walk which takes 40 minutes.
LAND: 80,000M2      PRICE: €52,000

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


A very special location with spectacular views over the countryside and Montanchez castle. The house is small  but can be altered and extended.
 The plot of land is walled with a gate and very private as it is the last house on the camino.  Abundant water and electricity only from small solar panel for lighting at the moment. Mains electricity is nearby.
There is a swimming pool and a few out buildings.
Access is good from tarmac road and  300 m. of dirt track.
LAND : 7000M2   HOUSE: 80M2        POOL 8M X 3M             PRICE:€120.000

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


A very varied finca with olive groves, fruit trees, an enormous bay tree, figs and plenty of wilder parts with cork and holm oaks. The area is 3 hectares with stone walls and 2 gated entrances. Access is from tarmac road 4 kms from Montanchez, it is good for half the way and then needs some work to widen for vehicles for about 200m. There is a central group of buildings, about 150m2 in good position with views. Also another group of buildings originally stables which are in ruins but cover a similar area. Building/renovation can be carried out in postion of original buildings. Traditional gateways and chozas, domed shelters.
Very pleasant sheltered situation with a good atmosphere, feels very secluded.
LAND: 30,000M2  BUILDING: 300M2
PRICE: €50,000


Monday, May 2, 2016


Very peaceful setting with mixed meadows and mature holm oaks. Lovely country views. Excellent access on to tarmac rural road.
Land area: 75,000m2 (7 1/2 hectares)
Price: €90,000


In a south facing valley of the Sierra de Montanchez. 2 hectares of pasture with shady holm oaks and 2 hectares of woodland with various trees. The land is crossed by a stream, very peaceful with lovely views.
Land area: 40,000m2 (4 hectares)
Price : €54.000

Monday, April 11, 2016


A unique project for someone with a spirit of adventure. A complete mill complex on the slope below the village of Montanchez. The old mill building is intact with all the channels and mill pond. The rest of the finca is an olive grove with the stream running through making it extremely fertile, there is an orchard and remains of cultivated terraces. Views are spectacular and un interrupted towards Trujillo, the Gredos mountains can be seen in the distance, often with snow capped peaks. The access is off a small road, there is considerable work to be done to make it accesible for vehicles but nothing impossible.  The atmosphere of the finca feels very peaceful and private and yet it is a 10 minute walk into the village with all amenities.
Area of land 17.000m2
PRICE: €90,000

Friday, April 8, 2016


A finca of 25.000 m2 with “wonder views” from a promontory of the Sierra, a 360 degree

panorama towards the castle in Montanchez, Caceres, Trujillo,Merida and Gudalupe.

 The finca has very wide shallow terraces of olive trees and fig trees. Excellent privacy.

Little stone cottage on the land. Possible building of up to 500m2.

2km from Montanchez on a camino that partly needs improvement.

PRICE: € 60.000